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Next to my family and religion SonAmy has to be one of the most important things to me. My love for Amy Rose keeps me happy. So when I see people draw or mention Archie, Sally or anything that doesn’t support SonAmy I get a panic attack or feel despressed for days. I feel bullied to like Archie when the name alone feels like someone is slapping me..I have a form of autism so I can’t help it. Please dont mention antiSonAmy stuff with me or I block you,

Artist: Chellchell

I don’t understand the hate towards Sonic Boom. People complain that all the NPCs don’t look like they should be in the Sonic universe, the game isn’t fast paced, and that the character designs are ugly. The game isn’t supposed to be in the normal Sonic continuity. It’s in its own separate canon, therefore, things will be different. Sonic Boom haters just drive me up the wall with how terrible their arguments are.

I fell out of the Sonic fandom a few years ago, so with the release of Sonic Boom I got super excited, and had hopes of possibly making more online friends. But after taking one look at things here I just. So many people are already slamming down Sonic Boom and can you. Just not. Not like my words will do anything, people will think what they will and unknowingly miss out on an amazing story, not to mention character and world design.

While I love the comics now, the way they give attention to forgotten Sega characters, giving ( Blaze, Silver and such ) a chance to shine. How they improved on characters like Rotor and Sally, the wonderful art. good writing makes it a wonderful comic BUT I do admit the older comic books were downright terrible and I regret buying the past issues when Ken and Karl were still writing. Bad art, Drama, Bad humor, Silly stories and just a mess.

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